Last Updated February 24, 2024

These courses build upon each other and each hold unique puzzles pieces to the overall picture of your healing journey.

The Intermediate and advanced courses require knowledge of the foundational courses. However, only you know exactly where you are in your own process. If you find yourself unsure as to where to start, I recommend starting in the middle with the Intermediate Courses and work your way up or down accordingly.

This page will provide you with the breakdown of which courses fall into the appropriate categories.

Beginners/Foundational Courses

(Para Principiantes)

  1. Introduction to Healing
  2. How to Master Your Coping Tools for Healing
  3. 10 Open Secrets of Life
  4. How to CREATE Your Timeline for Healing
  5. How to Use Depression & Anxiety to Bring You Back to Life
  6. How to Track Your Dreams for Guidance & Healing

Intermediate Courses

(Cursos Intermedio)

  1. How to Master Your Emotional Healing Process
  2. How to USE Your Timeline for Healing
  3. How to Own & Transform Your Truth for Healing
  4. Using Dreams for Guidance & Healing

Advanced Courses (Cursos Avanzados)

  1. How to Anticipate Your Future Using Your Timeline
  2. Using Dreams to Manifest Your Future

Courses Integrating Astrology & Spirituality (Cursos que Integran AstrologĂ­a y Espiritualidad)

  1. A Beginner's Guide to Using Astrology & Spirituality for Healing